Being a Dj for over a decade I have become to create my own world of house. I have my continents to which I travel with my different sets of House and I have my experience to help that travel run smoothly without no turbulence, so my guess is if you come to see me perform live you most likely will enjoy your night out...;o). I am more into deep house but my passion is more general than that, therefore in my sets I cover most of the parts from the House Music including those of Vocal, Soulful, Tribal, Jackin', Tech, and Latin House. Lately I'm more and more into Jackin' House, there is something about the grooves and the moves that they generate that keeps me going and going through the night...
I have turned into music production since 2007 and have been part of Deep Nota Records for three years now! Being a producer and a part of the label have brought a new vision to me about the music and the feel of it. I am able to see from a different angle how the song came to it's final stage and this ads a birds eye view to my mixing since I am able to take the song apart and have the knowledge when and how to put it together again with the next track on the set...
I hope you will enjoy my mixes and please feel free to contact me, add me as a friend, comment or vote on my podcast. Thank you for visiting...ONE LOVE!!!

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